Working on your Own,

 from Home

or After Illness

You are working from home and love the autonomy and flexibility that brings. Almost 25% of women in the US are home based business owners, freelancers or employees.  80% of the working population think you are lucky.  Working from home has many perks.

What if you have some challenges to address, changes to make or need to generate new ideas?  Are you being your best self? Do you enjoy flexibility, fulfilment &freedom or is it running away from you? Are you trying to adapt to working with chronic illness? Do you to have to go it alone just because you work from home or do you enlist a certified coach to get the results you need? If your answers to any of our Services Questions listed below are "yes"  Enrol Here!

Use free video calls for coaching sessions from the comfort and convenience of your own home or from anywhere in the world where you have a smartphone, laptop or PC and internet. Or be coached using telephone calls. Simply anywhere, anytime!


Once enrolled you can schedule online directly to your coach's calendar to suit your availability. Options for evenings and weekend appointments are available

Significance Coaching serves women freelancers. teleworkers and solopreneurs working at home through creative and critically reflective conversations between you and your certified life coach, Janice Rippon.


Maximize your  potential through working on effective self management, decision-making and accountable actions on the road to increasing your flexibility, freedom and fulfilment.  Lead you most satisfying, successful and significant life now!

 Coaching for your Best Self


Janice Rippon, Ph.D.


Have you finally found a way to become the best you?

I'm Janice Rippon of Significance Coaching connecting with women worldwide using convenient e-based, person and solution centered coaching. My success in education and management, my experience working after breast cancer and my real empathy for your life's journey, help clear a path for you to achieve your goals through nurturing and challenging conversations about smart self management and personal development when leading your business, working from home or after illness.


Just like every other woman in the world of work, you face changes or challenges which you need to work on or you have successes to celebrate and use as your springboard to bigger and better things.  Difference being you don't always have a sounding board, mentor or accountability partner close at hand to be part of that. You may feel it too vulnerable to share your experiences without risking your professional reputation. Not everyone understands challenges you face. I do! I'm the coach for you.  

I've been there.... starting two businesses from home, freelancing as a management consultant and part-time teleworking for universities at different points in my career. I've worked as a senior executive in universities. I've lived a life of ups and downs, changes and transformations,  just like every one of my clients. I've also had to adapt my work to having a chronic illness.  You don't have to be on your own to face your challenges or shape your success.

You can check out my credentials and read client's reviews. My clients are based mainly in different states in the USA and in the United Kingdom.  It's easy to keep the conversation going wherever you are, whatever your schedule.  Let's start a conversation focused on you and your satisfaction and success. I look forward to finding out more about you and your goals for being coached.




Self Management

It's great having your workspace a short walk from the bedroom but...


Do you find the loose boundaries between work and life are a challenge to your time management and organization?


Do you miss some of the structures, people and accountability which kept you disciplined in other work environments?

Do you feel like you're a fraud or that your job is not "real work" sometimes?


Creative & Critical Conversations

You enjoy being away from the distractions and interruptions of the work environment but....

Do you crave the supportive connections with others you had with whm youbounced around and improved ideas and projects?

Do you  wish you had a critical friend to sound off with and find the positive in your life and work?

Do you feel isolated and lacking connection with other creative professionals?


Professional Development & Planning   

You are really productive within your flexible schedule but...


Do you feel that you are not always focused on what's really important to your success?

Do you need to be stretched or challenged in order to develop rather than stagnate?

Do you want access to more resources than you have available at home?

Do you want to collaborate on your planning for business or work?

Are you considering a career change or transformation?


Life Coaching   

You know you've got it good but....


Do you struggle to maintain a balance in your life?

Are you trying to adapt to a life with or after  illness?

Do you have a niggling thought that you are not following your passions?

Do you feel unsure about how to reach your full potential?

Do you search for more satisfaction in what you do?

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