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Coaching is a significant partnership.  You partner for critically reflective conversations over an extended period of time. Before you decide if you want to commit to a new coaching partnership, find out a bit more about me. 


I've had a boundaryless career which means that I've changed career paths often. At the heart of it all has been my desire to support personal growth through education and development of myself and others. I've coached and taught individuals and teams in areas such as leadership, assertiveness, mentoring, emotional intelligence, career development and professional effectiveness.  I've been a mentor to co-workers and a certified mediator. I am a certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Working in schools, universities, public authorities and business globally, I've followed my passion for serving people and supporting their professional growth. I've published work on mentoring and coaching in international journals. I've led large and small businesses as owner, executive and Board Member. I've run two of my own businesses from my home and  worked remotely for two universities. I know about business life and offer empathy for my clients' lives in their diverse professional worlds. I only work with the clients I truly believe I can partner with to help reach their full potential.  Those are women committed to living their best life at home and in work. My niche is providing client-centered coaching to women working mainly at home as solopreneurs, freelancers or teleworkers or after illness.

I'm also a women who secured two graduate degrees while employed in full-time management positions with all the challenges that ensued.  I learned that leading my best possible life rather than having it all was what I strived to achieve.  I've re-established my career success on 3 continents while wading through the culture shock of relocation and "starting again'.  I've had supporters and detractors; life-long and fair-weather friends. I've worked with all types of people from  the manipulative to the magnificent. I've dealt with challenges such losing parents and beating off cancer.   In other words, I've lived a life of ups and downs, changes and transformations, just like my clients.

You know a bit about me so let's keep the conversation going.  I would love to find out  more about you.  Complete the Pre-qualification Survey to introduce your self to me with no obligations.

Significance Coaching Model

On this personal history I founded Significance Coaching for professional women especially those working mainly from home or afer illness. The Significance Coaching model builds on a theoretical model of critical reflection, tried, tested and developed with my students, colleagues and clients over time in different professions and in different locations internationally over many years. 


It is a coaching model using personal and professional reflection in neutral, confidential, one to one conversations between myself and my clients. We navigate changing contexts from multiple perspectives in the pursuit of fully informed goal setting or decisions-making. Clients work towards their values, passions, purpose and potential.  They work on roadblocks or limiting beliefs. The model facilitates a habit of sustainable self reflection, self management, personal accountability and positive personal and professional growth. I call this model "Smart Self Management" and it is my goal for you not to need me in time.

I meet clients in the convenience of their homes or while they are travelling using no cost Zoom video calls.  My clients schedule their appointments directly online having full access to my availability.  I fit  with your plans and commitments. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection. Some clients work only with telephone calls and that is an option too.  You also have Quick Calls and email check ins between your sessions to help check on your progress or to offer tools, resources and information.

If  your looking for a coach to work closely and confidentially with you on your journey through change towards satisfaction and success, start a conversation today. 


I'm looking forward to coaching you and getting you the results you want.

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