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Learn more by experiencing the special offer trial sessions. Choose  from below according to your priority goal to see if Significance Coaching is the right fit for you and get started on maximizing your potential in this first session.

Your second follow up session is free so you can really get a taster of how each coaching session builds on the next. Ideal for those new to coaching looking to sample the experience.


Get prequalified with your coach and start getting results right away.

One trial per new client only.

Take 5 minutes to prequalify for this special offer session. 


Boundary Setting Session 

Do you ever feel your effectiveness or productivity sabotaged because you have no boundaries between work and home?  Do you think your professionalism and success rate is impacted by your home environment?

This is a great session for you.

Career Coaching

Career Change Exploration Session 

Feeling like you need a change of career?  Explore your passions and significant strengths and your ideal personal brand initially.  Your coach will help you identify how this translates to career opportunities, your resume and job search.

Energy Management

Energy Management Session 

You have or are about to return to work after a break, maternity leave or illness but you know you need to manage your work differently as a result. Janice will help you identify choices and changes to conserve your energy and achieve satisfaction.


Breakthrough Session

If you are living the dream but you just don't feel fulfilled, satisfied or successful, there may be a roadblock stopping you on your path to meet your potential. If you can't pinpoint what it is or know the block but don't know how to remove it, talk with your coach to make a breakthrough.

Inner Critic

Discovery Session

You might be holding yourself back if you don't believe in your goals or if you don't feel you belong. Do you have a voice inside you which acts like an inner critic or do you suffer from imposter syndrome?  You are not alone.  Many women learn strategies to silence the voice and assert themselves in their field with the help of a coach discovery session.


Operations Creativity Session

You love that there is only you working from home.  No staff, coworkers or supervisors to maneouvre. Ah but that means it's only you and you do everything. You don't have time to think how to do things differently or efficiently. Get creative with your coach and start forming a plan for automation.

Financial Administration

Financial Administration Planning Session

Responsibility for all things financial sit with you as well as all the other hats you wear.  You have to make it a priority as there are serious repercussions if this area of work drifts. You need a plan of action with workflows in place.  Two heads on this important topic could get the job done better and faster than one.


Balance Re-alignment Session 

Whether you feel your work & life balance has disappeared or you want to integrate your health & wellbeing into your work routines, this realignment session is for you.  Your coach will help you assess where balance is needed and ways to restore it based on your personal needs.

Idea Incubator

Incubator Session 

You are bursting with ideas to improve your life or work.  You'd love to test these ideas out with a partner, looking at them from different angles, considering alternatives, listing the pros and cons, making them robust and ready to make happen. Two heads are better than one to turn your ideas into action.

Isolation Avoidance

Planning Connection Session

You couldn't wait to work from home to enjoy more freedom and flexibility.  How often did you think work would be a great place without your coworkers?  Except you might not have the same access to conversation, ideas, feedback, mentoring and social events as you had before.  If this leaves you feeling isolated then sign up for planning how to connect with others while still working from home.

Selling Shyness

Strategy Session

You have great products or services to offer but you can't bring yourself to sell them or sell yourself.  How do you get started on your selling strategy?  Work with your coach to identify & remove barriers and break your selling goals into manageable chunks.  Your coach will keep you accountable on your way to selling success.

Business Planning

Brainstorming Session

Do you have a business plan you want to evaluate with a critical friend or don't you know where to begin? A brainstorming session with a coach might be the creative kickstart you need in either case to put your business planning at the front and center on your road to success.


Progress Session

You know exactly where you are going with your business.  You are the expert.  What you miss is having someone to be your cheerleader and your accountability coach.  Someone who can look at things from different perspectives and spot any gaps or blocks. You might need a coach who can be straight-talking to keep you on track in a Progress Session

Don't See Anything You Need? What Else?

Contact Janice detailing your priority for a trial session.  She'll prepare a session just for you. What's on your mind?

What's on your mind?

Janice uses Zoom confidential video calls to conveniently for  coaching sessions

anywhere you have a smartphone, laptop or PC and internet.  Fits easily into your busy schedule at home or when you are travelling.

Download Zoom now and be ready to schedule your coaching session with Janice.

Process & Fees

Every trial session comes with a complimentary follow up session of 60 minutes one or two weeks later to provide new clients with the experience of working with a coach building on from session to session.


$149 trial session & free follow up session



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